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Java Bali Indonesia Sourcing and Buying Agent

If you have business relationships in Indonesia or starting a business communication and negotiation, but has not been able to visit directly to Indonesia, then we are ready to assist as an agent here. If you are buyers looking for sourcing agent in Indonesia, or looking for buying agent in Indonesia, we are ready to help any of your needs here include keep in touch with your supplier, make an order, look at the production process, quality control up to the packing and shipping process. We are ready to become your representative agent in Indonesia, both on the island of Java, Bali and other islands under the agreements. Knowledge of the geographical and technical data in the field and experience as well as qualified according to standards as Indonesia Buying Agent.

By using us as your representation, it is expected that the purchasing process can take place smoothly, according to the required specifications and eliminate miscommunications and eliminate various errors may occur during the purchase process to a supplier in Indonesia. We will also provide suggestions as well as a clear picture of the conditions as well as product specifications, providing information on market prices so that you can get the most competitive prices in each of order.

In addition we can also offer alternative products or other suppliers so that it can be considered as well as the comparison before the decision to purchase. We are also ready to control production so that every product that has been ordered can be manufactured to order, including procurement of materials, manufacturing and production until eventually into finished goods in accordance with the priorities as agreed in contract, without delay.

Contact Us: WA +6281318740741

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